Location: London
Year: 2014
Type: bar-restaurant 
Design Team: Argyro Vlachou, Petros Fragopoulos
Photos: PO photography

Worthy is the Light and the first, etched in stone, wish of man. The vigor of the animal that guides the sun the plant that twittered and gave birth to Day Worthy is the Earth that plunges and then raises its neck, like a stone horse ridden by the open sea. A myriad of little blue voices and a huge white head of Poseidon. Worthy is the shepherd winds officiating in the rites, heaving the sea in their embrace like the Mother of God, the winds who blow and set the oranges on fire who whistle upon the mountaintops and rush down. The smooth cheeked apprentices of tempest, the runners who crossed the heavenly miles, Hermes' with pointed hats, and the black smoke as their caduceus. Maistros, Levante, Garbis ,Gregos,Sirocos,Ostria,Tramontana. Worthy is the wooden table the blond wine with a spot of sun Water's sparkles dancing on the ceiling and in the corner a philodendron plant in readiness Stone fences and waves hand in hand. A footprint gathering wisdom off the sand. A cicada who convinced thousands of others Consciousness all dressed in light like Summer The islands with the soot and the ship's paint The islands with the white spondylus of Zeus. The islands with the deserted shipyards. The islands with the potable blue volcanoes, sailing against the summer winds, sailing with all sails open, foaming on all sides with purple shells and sunflowers. Sifnos, Amorgos, Alonnisos,Thasos,Ithaca,Santorini,Cos, Ios,Sikinos.

O. Elytis