Location: London
Year: 2012
Type: Deli-restaurant
Design Team: Argyro Vlachou, Petros Fragopoulos
Photos: PO photography

The Life Goddess is a Greek deli-restaurant located in Bloomsbury, at the center of London. The concept of this store follows specific principles of the Greek spirit and culture. Our intention was to create a place that would signify and not just represent Greece. Human scale was our guide. In our philosophy, nothing surpasses man and his sovereign needs.

Our aim was to bring people together, to engage all senses and also create a home away from home. We wanted to slow people’s fast pace down, giving them the opportunity to think about the wider significance of the food process. Everything is prepared with love, taking always the time it needs to be prepared. Our intention was a place where the rituals and a slower rhythm of everyday life bring a sense of warmth and care. That is what we keep every time we leave from a place; smells, tastes and how we have felt.