When : 24th of November 2018

Where : The Life Goddess Store Street, Store Street 29, WC1E 7BS, London

Time : 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Cost : £60 per person ( including shared greek platter, refreshments and wine )

Finding Home is a Sensory Journey with Studio Cord and Integrative wellbeing therapist Ati Balding.

Is about supporting you to align your mind, heart, body and spirit so that you can work towards whatever the aspect of ‘Finding Home’ means to you. 

Do you need to reconnect with yourself? To your idea of home? Do you crave time and space to clarify what really matters within your own space?

Our Home is a vessel for life, a place to be ourselves. A place to connect with others. It reflects and contains inner life, social life, our ethics, our identity, our family, our roots, our sense of belonging. 

How can we make it have meaning? Is your home telling your story, your history? Do you want to write a new chapter?

What we will do:

We will go on a Sensory Journey together and explore the rhythms and rituals of your daily life. We will look at your practical, physical, and emotional needs around Finding Home.

We will use our Senses throughout the day to steer us towards Finding Home. This will be in the form of guided meditations and visualisations. We will explore this further with music, food, writing, drawing and creating our own Finding Home vision boards.

The day is designed to help you explore what matters and how you can move towards Finding home with a greater flow and ease.