An interactive interior design workshop about finding the core of your home story.
Homes embody how we live and see ourselves. Through thoughtful choices we create an environment that make us feel safe, calm but most important we feel happy.


  • ‘’What is the ''Story of my Home’’ workshop about?

It is about empowering people to find and enhance the story of their home in a visual way.

About finding what makes our home unique, what the elements are which give a strong sense of identity to it.

About revealing the principles of your space that will change the way you feel and behave in a profound way.


  • Who is it for?

For anyone who feels that something is ‘'missing’’ from his home.

For anyone that wants to feel more connected with his space.

For anyone that wants to improve his creativity and figure out how mood-boards work as a way to tell our visual story.


  • What will you get from the workshop?


A complete mood board of your visual story that will add meaning and depth to your choices. 

A note book with a questionnaire to which you can return any time to map down your own ideas and thoughts.

A guide to help you create the sense of your home, the way you want it to feel, the way you want to live, a space you can love, smell, taste, that make you feel grounded and good.



By sharing the way we live and what make us happy, we improve and define our way of wellbeing.



When: Saturday 19th October 2019

Where: The Hive, Packhouse,

             Hewett's Kilns,Tongham Road,
             Runfold, Farnham

             GU10 1PJ

Time: 10:30am - 1:00pm

Fee: £45.00 (includes all materials and refreshments )


Contact to book: info@studiocord.co.uk

Or book through Eventbrite