Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Year: 2013
Type: Restaurant
Design Team: Argyro Vlachou, Petros Fragopoulos
Photos: Studio 8 photos

Surrounded by the traditional agora of Thessaloniki, this old 2-floor building serves as a link between the history of this place and the modern market. The building keeps all the characteristics of that particular era. The old market signifies abundance and variety, highlighting the local origin of its products.

This is what we tried to bring to ‘Xozeva’; the local products, the smells, the sounds, the atmosphere of this authentic place. The scents convey the gastronomic festival of this region. A meeting point, a place where you can mix with the locals and feel the pulse of the city.

Our intention was to enhance nostalgia through traditional items blended with natural materials and raw surfaces, highlighting our yearning for honesty and simplicity.