Gold Award - Design London Awards 2023 for Fyome Shop, UK
Shortlisted -New London Awards 2013 for The Life Goddess Store, UK
Studio Cord is an Interior Design Studio founded by Argyro Vlachou. With 20 years of experience in the Interior Design industry, Argyro Vlachou focuses on residential and commercial projects. She also organises Workshops and Retreats about the meaning of “home” and how it affects our life and wellbeing.

Studio Cord was born after her deep desire to put human needs at the centre of everything she does. We make places that enhance and express humanity. Design is a frame for our living.
Empathy through design is our mission. We see places as active sources of emotion and sensation. We explore memory, atmosphere, topos, light, materials, forms, sounds as key elements of the environment we create.

The way we treat our place, the way it feels is a reflection of who we are. Our space is a vessel of life.
For us, design is a process where it is really important to bring people together, to create places from our heart. We believe that through the contents and the details of people’s lives, the most memorable spaces emerge.

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