Ever since  I remember myself I was taking care of people, food and especially  places that I lived in. I never wanted to accomplish something without instilling life into it. That is why I believe I have chosen to be an interior designer. To take care of spaces, to give them life and let them their own soul. Consciously or unconsciously I revert to what I already know and treasure what comes from my childhood memories.  They are the reservoirs of the atmospheres, sounds and images that I retrieve and use in my work.

Studio Cord was born after my deep desire to put human needs at the core of everything I do. Each space is a coating for the human body. Our aim is to saunter into our surroundings and observe the sounds, smells, rhythms, to taste and record their reactions to our lives. We need to understand the person who lives in the space. To put their priorities, values, inspirations, likes and dislikes first.

Slowing down and looking for what really matters in everyday life, is a way of finding our personal path of living through design. It is a way of wellbeing.

Empathy through design is our mission. We make places that enhance and express humanity. We feel deeply connected with them. We create emotional design.

To accomplish that, we look for harmony through our connection with nature. By finding beauty in the ordinary, the flaws, the scratches that give authenticity and uniqueness to each space. We use natural materials since they engage our senses; they beckon me to get closer, to touch and feel. We see the passing of time as a journey of growth. We celebrate imperfections of natural materials highlighting our current yearning for simplicity and honesty.

We support craftsmen, small production items that are associated with quality, sustainability and individuality. Things that are made by people or communities we know, have much more personal significance to us.

Through this process what is really important is to bring people together, to figure how to engage all senses, and discover how to embed the immeasurables. And then, in the end these spaces will express their own beauty.