Handmade Beauty

11th of June 2021

Everything that is made by hand, evokes emotion, a human touch. Everything that is not made by a machine has a unique beauty that cannot be repeated. There is a thoughtful procedure behind every design, every sketch and idea. There is a mind-full of ideas that need to be expressed. There is creativity, passion, comfort, joy, healing, courage, calmness and so many other feelings than just a push-button creating a formula of 2.000 pieces.

I love wreaths. I admire all the people who create them, who put their heart and soul behind beautifully made narratives. I ordered this one from my favourite Kingfisher Flower Shop A place where I feel lost in the smells, colours and the unique variety of their flowers every time I visit it.

The word, “wreath” literally means, “that which is wound around,” and derives from the Old English word, “wrioa.”

The wreaths though symbolise something bigger; the circle is a sign of inclusion, wholeness, infinity, balance, focus. Circles also represent the cycles of the seasons. So when we expose the rich, deep substance dwelling beneath the simplicity of the wreath, it becomes our symbol.

For me my precious wreath is a symbol of unity. A reminder of the strong bond I feel for my family and all the friends that surround our dinner table.


All images by Roger Bool

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